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Hey there homemaker,

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My name is Kimberly. I am a mum, homemaker and entrepreneur. (Or, so I think 😛 )

Mumm-epreneur is a blog for mums and homemakers from all over the world. Whether you love homemaking or you struggle with it, you’ll fit right in. New, young, overwhelmed mums feel right at home.

When I was growing up, I rehappy-homemakermember my mom being the perfect homemaker. Cooking, dusting, house cleaning – she excelled at it all. And so, I was inclined to believe that homemaking was a piece of cake! Yep – sooo naive!! 

Right after I got married, the real facts hit me hard. Homemaking was NOT as easy as pie. Worse, it was an undervalued and much un-appreciated position! Most people thought I was crazy to give up a lucrative job, to be a homemaker. (Hmpfh…What do they know?!)

I began my blogging journey in 2014, to give vent to my creative side. Soon, what started out as a casual blog turned into a source of passive income. (Peanuts or moolah… income is income!   😀 )

At Mumm-epreneur you will find useful articles on home and garden, cooking and baking, house cleaning, parenting, home remedies, and other home related matters. Through this blog, I will share with you, the many things that I have learned from my various experiences, experiments, failures and successes.

If you are struggling with keeping your house clean, you might be interested in my brand new house-cleaning challenge. Click the pic below to learn more.


Let me end with a small wish/prayer for you:

May my failures comfort you, (that there’s someone worse out there)
May my successes inspire you, (If I can do it, you can too)
May my experiments enlighten you and
In life’s journey, May God bless you. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to hearing from you through your comments or via email.

Finally, I would like to share this fantastic article by Lynn Bowen Walker – Help For The Unhappy Homemaker. I really enjoyed reading it and am sure you will love it too!!  🙂

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