Day 26 – 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areas

Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areas

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This post is a part of the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge. 
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 It’s Day 26 of the “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge” and you’re going to be finishing off in the kidsroom today!

You are so close to the finish line and I’m sure you are thrilled with all you have achieved so far.

I don’t know about you, but I often tend to slacken when I am really close to the finish line. And then I take forever to cross that coveted line!  But, please please don’t let this happen to you. You have worked too hard to do that to yourself. The exhilaration of crossing that line is just too priceless to miss.

With that thought in mind, let’s move on to today’s cleaning tasks.

Day 26: Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areas

Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areasToday you will be finishing up with your kidsroom. I’d suggest you get your older kids to clean their own rooms, under your guidance and supervision. You can even include your little ones by letting them help in whatever way they can.

That way everything gets done faster, your kids learn to clean and be responsible for their stuff and you don’t get burned out!

And don’t forget to reward your little helpers, after they are done. Maybe a nice family treat  – a movie, pizza, a trip to the park. Anything, something.. let them choose from a selection! They would have earned it after all. 

Important Note:

Keep in mind that the time it takes you to complete the tasks, and the order in which you do them, depends entirely on you. It depends on your skill, your working style, the time that you can afford to put in each day, the size of your rooms and your cleanliness standards.
So, whatever you do, don’t get overwhelmed and work at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you take a bit longer to complete the challenge.
Do whatever works for you – skip certain tasks, add others. But, just clean something!
Also be sure to check the notes at the end, for some useful tips to help you stay on track and save time cleaning.

Today’s Cleaning Plan 

Daily Cleaning Tasks: These tasks have definitely turned into a habit by now. But, do continue to use a checklist to make sure!! 

Weekly Cleaning Tasks: Surface clean the Kidsroom and spend a little extra time in there, deep cleaning the furniture.

Monthly Deep Cleaning tasks

  • Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areas
    Empty the storage unit and clean the interiors. Dust or vacuum them to get rid of any dust or dirt and clean them with a suitable cleaner.
    Once the interiors are well cleaned and dry, replace the contents, organizing as you go (if you have the time). Throw away items that are longer in use and any old or broken items. make a note of anything that needs to be re-stocked or replaced.
    Finally wipe down all exterior surfaces of the units and you are all done!

    TIP: Clean one unit at a time, but do not empty the entire unit all at one go. Work in small portions (one shelf/drawer at a time) so you can be sure to complete what you start. 

Here are some storage units that you might have in your kidsroom. As always, don’t get overwhelmed by the list. you only need to clean whichever are applicable to you.

  • Toy storage – Clean them today if you didn’t manage to do them last week.
  • Bedside tables 
  • Under the bed storage
  • Display units/Showcases 
  • Book shelves 
  • Study table – We did cover this in the second week. But if you hadn’t got down to doing it then, now’s a good time to.
  • Other cupboards, cabinets and open shelves 

Deep Clean The Kidsroom storage areasDownload your Day 26 Checklist here

Tips to remember during the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge 

  1. Before you begin, gather all the necessary tools and keep them ready. You could get yourself a cleaning caddy or just use a basket or box.
  2. Decide on a specific amount of time that you can/will spend cleaning and set a timer. Work as quickly as you can within this time and don’t get distracted. (Except if it’s an emergency of some kind!) 
  3. Start cleaning from the top of the room and work your way down. This will prevent dust falling on surfaces that you have already cleaned.
  4. Work from one side of the room to the other side, in a systematic matter, so that you don’t miss any spots.
  5. When the timer goes off, stop working! You can catch up with what you have missed during your next cleaning session.
  6. Use checklists to track your progress and to ensure that you don’t miss out anything. Checklists are especially useful in instances where you cannot complete a task and need to reschedule it.
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